The Alternate Therapy Factor in Business Card

Let's understand how we do business. The first thing we do when we meet people in a business environment is to introduce ourselves and then exchange business cards. Don't you agree? Therefore, the first impression of your prospects on your business is from your business card, right?
What will happen when your business card is not properly designed and it does not leave a positive impression? What if your business card sends the wrong message and causes other people to perceive you as a real estate agent but in fact you are a real estate developer? This miscommunication can be the biggest culprit for the lost of many business opportunities for you. Worse, your prospects just take your business card home, forget who you are, and throw your business card away. I am sure you have the experience of throwing other people's business cards away because of the same reason.
I am also very sure some business cards give you a very good impression and some, you just don't want to do business with because you don't feel good about it. When your prospects feel bad about your cards, that's the end of the story. Your high class and elegant office does not stand a chance in influencing your prospects because they will not go there.