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Crystal ball gazing is to use a crystal ball, a seer stone ,or other crystal ball as a divining tool . One seeks to receive visions or information about issues, the future, a present situation or to foretell events , discover hidden knowledge , prophecy, or perception by intuition and instinctive foresight.

Traditional crystal ball gazing is something I don't often do because it seems easier for me to receive information by using an imaginary ball or screen which I see in my mind or which appears before me.

Sometimes this occurs while I am holding a crystal. On the occasions I have received information while crystal gazing, the information has not appeared in the crystal but in front of my brow chakra or in my head . So to me the crystal is like a meditation tool ,something that you use as a focus while you reach the mental openness that allows you to perceive information. Many people do see visions in the crystal. Some see or sense symbols, colors or shapes that they interpret. Other people actually see images or events unfolding as though viewing a movie.

The ability to do Crystal Ball Gazing lies within the seeker rather than in the tools. Many people have had visions and gotten information while holding a crystal ball or gazing into a crystal ball but possibly as many or more have the same experiences without gazing into a crystal.

The process of learning to Crystal ball gazing consistently can be a long one so patience is of importance.
There are several different traditions of Crystal ball gazing. The principle differences are often in the set up and lighting surrounding the crystal. The best lighting for beginners seems to be a dimly lit room. Neutral light, such as that of north light or an overcast day or twilight is usually less distraction than brighter light.

Crystals are amplifiers and transmitters and receivers of energy. This gives them the capacity to assist seekers in Crystal ball gazing and other divination. The choice of a Crystal ball gazing tool is entirely up to each individual.

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