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Feng-shui is an age-old art-form, which found its conception in ancient China, the land of auspicious dragons. These dragons are still believed to breathe their mystical and magical energy in to the modern world. It is, perhaps this very energy which forms the focal point of this highly acclaimed art-form. It covers just about every aspect of architecture, house designing, and interior decoration, furnishings and placement of furniture. The literal meaning of Feng-shui may be understood taking into consideration parts of the word in themselves. Feng means wind and shui means water. Wind and water are two of the most fundamental forms of life's energy without which survival is an impossibility even for a moment. In Feng shui, wind and water have a deeper meaning because they symbolize manifestations of movement of energy. This means that when wind and water move they carry the life giving chi with them. However just as energy can be at its constructive and productive best, it can be destructive and absolutely futile. Such energy must be eliminated at any cost, and that is where we, as mankind, play a role. Once we are aware of this science, we begin to perceive our living environment as much more than a structure of bricks and cement. We start to wonder as how powerful is the impact of the invisible life force that surrounds us. This subtle and imperceptible energy is known as Prana in India, Ki in Japan and Chi in China.

How does Feng shui work ?

There are three different kinds of luck. Firstly Heaven Luck - this is what the almighty has pre-decided for us. Hence, it is an art of our destiny and there is little much we can do to alter it. Secondly, there comes earth luck, which is our environment. We have the power to regulate the flow of energy in this environment by re-arranging things and objects in our immediate environment to ensure a happy and prosperous life. This may be brought about in several ways such as the varied use of colour, shapes, textures, elements, designs etc. Lastly, we have Man's luck which is the amount of effort we put in to sustain ourselves on this earth. First find the correct directions of your house with the help of a powerful compass. Then the pa-kua is superimposed on your house. This is a powerful Feng shui map that divides your home into nine sections that correspond to the nine main aspiration of your life.

Feng Shui for New Opportunities
The Feng Shui belief is that life s opportunities flow in through the front door, so front door should be clutter free & opens without any obstacles behind the door. Make sure your house numbers as well as name is clearly visible. When home is difficult to find , it indicate missed opportunities.

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I am fascinated by your t.v.shows. you r superb, and your Solutions are easy to apply it in Regular Routine. Have changed my Fortunes. "Sanjay Jain"

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