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Flowers are the gentlest, most pleasurable of life's many blessings. To see a flower, inhale its fragrance, caress its petals, is to be transported for a few moments to an ideal world - a world of peace, joy and wholeness.
In the jet age where the stress of daily life takes its toll on everyone regardless of age, sex, occupation or lifestyle, flower remedies are like the answer to everyone's prayers. Flower remedies are one of the few remedies with no side effects at all.
Flower essences are yet another gift that nature has bestowed on us.
FLOWERCURE... Indian flower remedies are created in the full strength of the Indian tropical sun, blazing with the vigour and vitality of Indian soil, and infused with the Indian spirit. No other flower remedies will be as effective as Indian flower remedies.

Highlight of Flower Cure

  1. Natural holistic flower essences, do not need medical training

  2. Completely natural, organically grown, hand prepared, flower essences

  3. They work on the emotions of the mind

  4. They balance the mind and soul, while curing diseases of which the body is unaware

  5. Just take 4drops 4times a day . No restriction of food and time

  6. They are an alternate therapy, no hindrance with any other medication

  7. They are energized by keeping the flowers in water and exposing them to the full sun rays

  8. These flower essences have no side effects

Seven Helpers
The Seven Helpers are the support essences and are selected for long-term emotional states. Dr Bach found these chronic conditions often obscure a person's true nature as it is expressed within the Twelve Healers group.

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I am fascinated by your t.v.shows. you r superb, and your Solutions are easy to apply it in Regular Routine. Have changed my Fortunes. "Sanjay Jain"

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