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Fortune Sticks: Chinese fortune sticks called "tsim" are popular divination tools at Hong Kong's Wongtaisin Temple, established in 1921. Visitors go there specifically to pose questions to Wongtaisin. They shake a tall, round container of numbered fortune sticks until one falls out. They exchange the stick for a corresponding piece of numbered paper, then take it to one of the soothsayers at the temple for interpretation.

Fortune Sticks: The oldest known method of fortune telling in the world is known as Kau Chime - a set of 78 numbered sticks held in a bamboo case. Holding the container in both hands and shaking it causes one of the sticks to rise and fall out. The number on the stick is cross referenced with ancient texts, and a fortune told. The fortune is generally a short poem or rhyme, and the point is not so much to have a clear picture of the future, but an indication of the possibilities which lie ahead.

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